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50×50 Trade Show Booth Rental and Exhibit Display San Francisco


About using a 50×50 trade show booth rental in San Francisco

A 50 × 50 sized booth is the size of a family home. That’s a lot of space.  It’s enough to fit your entire product range, have multiple engagement zones, and meeting rooms. All at the same time. Due to its size, there is some element of customization involved in a 50×50 trade show booth rental San Francisco, so be prepared for that.

Most booth contractors will gladly jump to offer to produce one. But here’s where you need to be picky. A 50×50 booth offers you the power to leave a massive brand imprint at the trade show. But is also quite expensive.

Choose a booth contractor that has decades of experience, especially for exhibiting in the USA. A booth contractor that has their own manufacturing unit, shipping and installation, with the dismantling and reverses logistics services reduces the stress of booth management.

How we work to create 50×50 trade show displays for San Francisco

  • We Design for you

    We have a team of expert designers who will customize your booth, as per your requirements and brand guidelines. These are experienced, in-house designers who will build CAD concepts to help nail down your design.

  • Booth Manufacture

    We understand the exceptionalism of western engineering. Hence, we build your trade show booth at our local manufacturing plant. We don’t rely on third-party contractors to build your booth.

  • Graphics Production

    Using dye-sublimation technology, we’ll print vibrant graphics for your booth that  can scale to the size of your booth

  • 100% pre-build guarantee

    This is a pre-build test, where we build your booth weeks prior to dispatch and conduct numerous quality checks. We also send you the pictures of your booth design after our pre-build checks for your approval.

  • Full Project Management

    We assign you a project manager, who manages your booth project, provides regular updates, and ensures that your booth is sent to the fairgrounds on time.

  • Shipping with I&D

    We ship your booth to the fairgrounds and install your booth. After you are done with your show appearance, we also handle dismantling and transporting it back.

A 50×50 trade show booth rental for San Francisco makes quite an impact

You’ll be hard-pressed to reach the limits of your 50×50 trade show booth rental San Francisco.  There are almost no limits on how many engagement activities you can run, as long as you have the staff to handle it. You can host specialized presentation spaces for each product. Have a lounge, discussion rooms, gaming zones, VR or AR zone, live product demonstrations, and host private meetings with prospects.

A booth of this size and scale is ideal for MNCs or corporate groups that want to showcase every brand under their umbrella. Or, a chain of similar brands that have a symbiotic partnership and want the space and flexibility to customize their booth. Even media and lifestyle brands that want to offer visitors experiential experiences, can do a lot with a 50×50 trade show booth rental San Francisco.

Finally, to prevent over crowding,  we would advice you to construct a second level, if your trade organizers permit it.

What is special about us?

Exponents-San Francisco has over three decades of experience building trade shows. The experiences gathered guarantee that we can provide you a booth design unique to your brand.  With over 18,000 clients all over the world, Exponents can design the right trade show display San Francisco for you. If our credibility hasn’t won you over, then consider our pricing rule, which considers your budget.

We provide fixed prices and 100% pre-built promise.  All of our 50×50 trade show booths rental are listed on our website with the price. You get a complete breakdown of each booth design, you will see in detail, where your money is being spent.  If you are looking for ideas under a specific budget, we have a price slider you can use to filter booths that fit your budget.

Services we offer with your 50×50 trade show booth rental for San Francisco

Here at Exponents San Francisco, we offer a complete exhibition package that removes the tensions of managing your trade show booth San Francisco. With an in-house manufacturing plant, every process at Exponents San Francisco is controlled. So you can expect quality booths made with high-end technology.

No hidden costs, price-inclusive services, project management and a 100% pre-build promise!

To summarize our all-inclusive services:

  • Your booth design and customization done by expert in house designers
  • Transportation to the fairgrounds or at your designated drop-off point
  • Installation with dismantling by expert technicians
  • Pick-up for your booth after the show
  • Complete project management from start to finish
  • A 100% pre-build promise where we assemble your booth at our warehouse and share its photos with you for approval


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