10×30 Trade Show Booth Rental San Francisco


About 10×30 trade show booth rental in San Francisco

Exponents has well over 30 years of experience in building attractive booth designs and managing the logistics involved in transporting them to the show. We handle your trade show booth rental San Francisco from concept to delivery, we build it, keep you updated on its progress until delivery, and install your booth at the trade fair show.

Our team of booth designers and booth builders has collaborated with over 500 brands. We are always ready to customize your booth choice, thanks to our in-house manufacturing and printing setup. We have over 700+ exhibit ideas to inspire you. We have booth sizes ranging from 10×30 to larger sizes for you to explore and customize as per your needs. A 10×30 trade show booth rental San Francisco gives you 300 square feet to the extent your design ideas.

A booth this wide is ideal to conduct engagement activities, host multiple presentations, and showcase your product line in a neat row.  Here are Exponents-San Francisco, we can create a 10×30 trade show booth San Francisco that matches your brand expectations.

How we work for 10×30 trade show booth rental in San Francisco

  • Briefing

    Our in-house designers will customize your booth design as per your requirements and brand guidelines.

  • Designing

    Our talented team of booth designers that are experienced in the field of booth building and design will prototype CAD concepts of your booth, until you find one that fits your needs.

  • Graphics Production

    We’ll print vibrant graphics for your booth using dye-sublimation technology. We also have the resources and capabilities to produce form-fitting graphics on fabric or vinyl, that seamlessly fits into your booth design.

  • Manufacturing

    We build your trade show booth at our local manufacturing plant. We don’t rely on third-party contractors and maintain our own manufacturing process and quality checks.

  • Shipping and Installation

    We provide transportation for your booth to the fairgrounds with installation.

  • Project Manager

    You get a project manager who will handle your booth from concept to delivery. This manager will also take care of the hassle to get build approval from the show organizers.

  • Pre-built Test

    A 100% pre-build guarantee where we build your booth weeks prior to dispatch and conduct numerous quality checks. We also send you the pictures of your booth design after our pre-build checks for your approval.

  • Dismantling and Reverse Logistics

    We send our technical team and on-site supervisor who will manage to dismantle your booth at the fairgrounds and transporting it back.

10×30 trade show rental booth San Francisco are perfect for which type of brand

The cost of a 10×30 trade show booth rental San Francisco is also less versus other larger booths. You also get a wide range of options to augment your booth design. You can cover each wall with graphics, place LCD screens, product shelves, and backlit signage. You can create dedicated VR/AR zones for showcasing different aspects of your brand.

You can also fit a seating zone, reception zone, engagement zone and product demo zone.  This booth is an ideal fit from exhibitors that have multiple trade fair objectives to accomplish, they can do so without worrying about their booth getting cramped. A booth rental San Francisco this wide is ideal for companies that have a wide range of products and services.

What is special about us in 10×30 trade show renal booth San Francisco?

Here are Exponents San Francisco our specialty lies in our booth services, fixed prices and 100% pre-built promise.  All of our 10×30 trade show booths San Francisco are listed on our website with price. We give you a complete breakdown of each booth design, you will see in detail, where your money is being spent.

Every process at Exponents is controlled at our manufacturing plant. So you can expect quality booths made with high-end technology. Along with that we offer you, price-inclusive services to make your trade show experience simpler.

Services we offer in 10×30 trade show booth San Francisco

We have a highly experienced and talented pool of booth designers that are experienced in the field of booth building and design. Along with this, we have a professional team of in-house project managers who offer you special and dedicated booth services like complete project management, so you don’t have to track its progress. Being familiar with all the local exhibiting rules and regulations, we make sure that all the legal guidelines are being followed while building your booths. We have fully-equipped manufacturing and printing units where the construction of your booths takes place at our manufacturing units ensuring quality and a design that meets your brand standards.

By opting for our rental booths, you get world-class services that include exhibition booth designing, booth building, on-site installation and dismantling, warehousing, logistics and complete booth management. We help you in the exhibit in a stress-free way.


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