10×20 Trade Show Booth San Francisco


Why 10×20 trade show booth in San Francisco are a good start?

A 10×20 trade show booth San Francisco is ideal for exhibitors who are just starting out but want more space for their brand.

A 10×20 trade show booth is approximately the size of 1 family room or 2 extra bedrooms. That’s enough space to set a seating area, a reception area,  a product display, some storage space, a graphical display or a presentation stage.

A booth of this size is useful for companies to showcase their product line, conduct marketing campaigns, or product demonstrations.

A trade show booth rental in San Fransisco is ideal for companies from all industries such as SAAS, FMCG, telecommunication, the hospitality industry, tourism, mass media,  healthcare, pharmacy, retail sales,  real estate, education, banking, insurance, transportation, and legal services.


Benefits of choosing a 10×20 trade show booth in San Francisco?

  • You also get a wide range of choice when choosing your booth type
  • The most obvious benefit of a 10×20 trade show booth San Francisco is its cost per square meter, it is quite less versus other larger stands
  • An inline booth, peninsula booth, perimeter booth, or island booth, these types and their variations are available to you
  • You can also cover each wall with graphics such posters, LCD screens, product walls, and back lit signage
  • You get ample room for a product display

Why choose Exponents-San Francisco for your 10×20 trade show booth?

Here are Exponents San Francisco, our specialty lies in our booth services, transparent prices and diverse catalog of 1000+ booth ideas.  All of our 10×20 trade show booth San Francisco are listed on our website with a price. We give you a complete breakdown of each exhibit design San Francisco, you will see in detail where your money is being spent.  Along with that, we offer you, price-inclusive services to make your trade show experience simpler.

  • You get a project manager who will handle your booth from concept to delivery
  • Our in-house designers will customize your booth design as per your requirements
  • We provide transportation for your booth to the fairgrounds and back
  • We take care of the hassle to get build approval from show organizers
  • We send our technical team and on-site supervisor who will handle the installation and dismantle at the show

A 100% pre-build guarantee where we build your booth weeks prior dispatch and conduct numerous quality checks


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