10×10 Exhibit Booth Rental in San Francisco


Why a 10×10 trade show booth rental in San Francisco is the best fit!

Our 10×10 booth design San Francisco is the perfect fit for any business that is starting out new. Our trade show booth rental in San Fransisco, are not only priced at a minimal amount but is customizable to the core, to fit your desired budget and location.

The booth will give you an insight of how things work at a trade show, with minimal expenditure. The cost of our 10×10 booth design San Francisco is not only reasonably low in comparison to their bigger counterparts but can also help you achieve your tradeshow goals like any other.


Why choose exponents-San Francisco 10×10 exhibit booth rental in San Fransisco?

We at Exponents-San Francisco have carved a niche for ourselves in the trade show fraternity. Our years of experience with a team of highly professional individual only add to our forte.

At Exponents-San Francisco have an in-house pool of talented resources ranging from skilled project managers, booth designers, graphic designers and a booth construction team that handles every aspect of conception, construction and assembly. Our experienced designers have worked on an ample number of projects and are well trained to help one select and customize their tradeshow booth after understanding goals and objectives from the show.

With over 700+ display ideas to choose from our Booth Finder do much more with the 10×10 booth design San Francisco. A 10×10 booth rental offers you a whopping 800 cubic meters of space, which is more than the size of a single bedroom.  It’s more than enough space to set up a casual meeting zone, a reception area and still have enough room left over for a storage room. A 10×10 booth design space is not inferior or restrictive. Renting a 10×10 exhibit booth rental іѕ a grеаt option if you are looking tо make the most out of your budget wіthоut hаvіng to dеаl with thе hаѕѕlеѕ аѕѕосіаtеd wіth рurсhаѕіng.

Who should opt for a 10×10 exhibit booth San Francisco?

  • A 10×10 booth design San Francisco is ideal for exhibitors who are looking for budget options in San Francisco but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics and functionality.
  • These booths are a fit for companies that are looking to promote their brand or network within their industry.
  • It’s also useful for new exhibitors who are just starting out
  • Also, for exhibitors who don’t exhibit often it offers a lot of utility for little cost

While this booth is a perfect fit for smaller organization, it does not work best for big organization. Organization have ample range of products to display they must select from our wider size range.

What does Exponents-San Francisco offer with its 10×10 exhibit booth rental San Francisco?

We offer exhibitors a diverse range of 10×10 booth designs San Francisco with transparent prices. Each 10×10 booth design we’ve listed on our website comes with a complete breakdown of what a buyer is getting for their money. Each design listed comes with its own set of designated accessories and attachments, though here are the services we offer with a 10×10 booth design in San Francisco.

  • Our in-house designers can customize the booth design chosen by a client
  • We assign a project manager to ensure that clients are provided with regular product updates and a timely delivery
  • We transport the booth to the fairgrounds
  • We also send our technical team for booth supervision with on-site installation and dismantle


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